ADU & Garage Conversions in Los Angeles

ADU & Garage Conversions in Los Angeles

Every great ADU project begins with new interesting opportunities to bring your vision to life. All it takes is an experienced renovator who can match your inspiration and convert them into reality.

At My Home Builders Inc., we go above and beyond on every ADU project and provide you with the best ADU and garage conversions contractor in Los Angeles along with premium-quality building material and other supplies to convert your garages into beautiful ADU apartments at a very competitive price.


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What Are ADUs?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are also known as Mother-in-Law Units, and they are extra units built as Single room homes on the same property as an existing home. Accessory Dwelling Units usually can be attached to the home or can be stand-alone units detached from the home. ADU comes equipped with its living area, kitchen, and Entrance. If the home does not have sufficient space for an ADU, the garage can be used to convert into an ADU.

Why you Need an ADU

ADUs are a secondary dwelling unit equipped with comprehensive independent living facilities ideal for one or more persons. They are affordable, innovative, and the best possible option to expand the value and area of your home.

Our ADU and garage conversions experts in Los Angeles have years of experience in converting garages into a fully functioning ADU space. We helped hundreds of our clients by converting their house into their dream space with additional ADU.

Our trusted team of engineers custom-built each ADU unit and tailored it to your particular requirements.


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Types of ADU and Garage Conversions in Los Angeles


      Attached Conversion

In this, the accessory dwelling unit is directly attached to the house. It is one of the most flexible ADU and garage conversions solutions in Los Angeles to add a second unit and expand the area of your residence.

         Detached Conversion

In this, our ADU and garage conversions contractors in Los Angeles build accessory dwelling units completely separate from the main house. It is a great solution for keeping privacy for a rental unit.

   2nd Floor Conversion

It is a combination of attached and detached conversion. In this, we transform an existing secondary house structure or separate garage into an independent accessory dwelling unit.

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