6 Great Reasons To Remodel A Bathroom  

6 Great Reasons To Remodel A Bathroom  

6 Great Reasons To Remodel A Bathroom  

Remodeling your bathroom should be planned and thought of in advance, including its costs. However, done properly, it’s a goal well-worth the investment. Your motivation to remodel could be different, and it’s all valid.

Added Value: Well-done home updates oftentimes increase its re-sell value on the market. A quality bathroom remodel will recoup 50% of its cost, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. On the other hand, buyers could be turned away by a bathroom that is outdated or functionally lacking.

More Efficiency (and Savings): An old, outdated bathroom is not only less enjoyable to use, but is also a big money waster, as it’s not using energy efficiently, wasting water and not maximizing lighting capabilities. Also, old bathrooms tend to have insufficient air circulation, which can lead to the formation of  mildew and mold.

Increased Safety: Whether you plan to age in your home or may want to sell it at some point, accessible bathrooms are a good idea. Remodeling your bathroom can include installation of safer elements such as zero-threshold shower, non-slip tile, a shower seat, handrails, etc…

Damage Repair: Whatever damage your bathroom may have, remodeling would be a great opportunity to fix it before it gets worse. Such examples would be water damage from a leak, mold damage from uncirculated air, paint damage or cracked tile.

Your Life Has Changed: It could be that your family got bigger with a new baby, or shrank as the kids left home. Or maybe you’re in need of more privacy as you took a roommate to help pay the mortgage… In any of these life changing circumstances, it would be a good idea to “adjust” your bathroom accordingly.

It Just Doesn’t Look Good: Time passses, styles change. Any room in your home is supposed to feel good for you, but a bathroom in particular is like your own sanctuary and you deserve to enjoy it. This would be enough of a reason for remodeling!

Whatever your reason might be, we’re here to advise you on any home remodeling project at no cost to you!

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