Carpet Vs. Tile

Carpet Vs. Tile

Carpet Vs. Tile

Today we will be having a showdown of which is better carper or tile. In this showdown, there
will be no real winner because the decision is ultimately up to you, and both can be great options.
What we will be providing is pros vs. cons to each to help you decide which option is best for

First up we have carpet
The pros of carpet are that it looks nice and it nice to walk on with shoes. Capet also works as
soundproofing for the home, so if you have high ceilings and has a bit of an echo problem carpet
can help. If you have small children carpet can be safer for them, so they do not slip and fall. If a
child does fall, it provides a little bit of a cushion for them. Carpet can also be easy to clean due
to only having to have one clean tool a vacuum. It can help keep the house warm during the

The cons to carpet are that they can be unforgiving if a drink spills. Some may be able to be
cleaned; others can stain the carpet. Carpet can also hold bacteria and odors, which can be a
significant deterrent for most. Cleaning to avoid bacteria and odor carpet cleaning must be done
as needed and can be a little costly, so we recommend investing in a carpet cleaner. It can keep
the house hot during the summer. Carpet can sometimes make a home look outdated and old.

Next up Tile
Tile can help a home look bigger and can provide a beautiful and elegant look. It can also help
the house stay cool during summer. Tile does not have as much of a bacteria and odor issue. Tile
can be very forgiving if drinks are spilled on.

Tile keep the home colder during winter, which can be a significant factor for some. Tile is also
hard and if fallen on, can really hurt. It requires a broom and mop to clean so it can take longer.
If a tile cracks, it can be challenging to replace and can require a lot of time. When wet, the tile
can become very slippery and at times dangerous to walk on.

So if you are looking to change the flooring in your home both options are great, it just depends
on what important to you. These are only a few of the pros vs. cons of each that we thought were
important to consider. For more tips or to schedule a free consultation for a remodel or any home
renovation, visit us at

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