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Home Flooring

Home Flooring

When renovating any room, there is one thing that definitely needs to be considered, and that is what type of flooring will you put down. There are many different types of flooring from carpet to tile to wood to laminate wood, and all are excellent choices. They do however all have their downsides as well so you should really be considered which one you like best.


Carpet is a great way to keep the house warm, and it can look elegant, but it does have its downsides. One thing that needs to be considered is that carpet can stain easy. It not easy to get stains out of the rug so may never come out depending on what was spilled. Another downside is that it does hide dirt and should be washed at least every two years. If that is not a problem, then this is a beautiful way to go.


This is always classy looking and beautiful. The downside to tile is that it can crack if something heavy falls on it and it’s not always easy to replace a tile square. The tile also needs to be mopped often so it can shine and look as beautiful as it can. If you do not like sweeping and mopping, I don’t recommend tile. Tile is however great for those hot days and night because it helps keep the house cold.


Wood always looks great in any home, but it does have its downsides. The wood tends to warp over time, and it can easily be scratched by a metal mop. The wood is not easy to replace and installing it is a bit pricy. If you are going this route make sure to use a plastic mop. Wood is, however, one of the most beautiful finishes a home can have.

Laminate Wood

This is a great way to get the wood look without most of the downsides of actual wood. Wood laminate looks like real wood but is hard to scratch. It does expand so when installing a little room should be left away from the wall. This is an excellent alternative to wood, but the biggest downside is that it is not wood. It should also be swept and mopped often, so it gives that beautiful look.

These are just a few beautiful flooring choices that are available for your home for a free estimate on flooring visit us at www.myhbinc.com.

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