The Showdown ADU Vs. Room Addition

The Showdown ADU Vs. Room Addition

The Showdown ADU Vs. Room Addition

In this weeks showdown, we will be putting Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) vs. the room addition. In this showdown, like all the others in our series, there will be no winner on our end just fact to help make your decision easier.

First Up will be Room Additions


The room addition is excellent to help the growing family; It gives you the extra space needed without having to move. One great thing that can help is that the garage can convert into a room is there is no extra space to add-on. If there is no garage, a loft is another great way to help make the house roomier. Room additions are a great way to add value to the home and extra space to the home.


One con is that they can be costly, depending on size, work, etc. Also, most room additions are made with no extra bathroom and are built in the home.

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Next An ADU Pros And Cons


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are also known as Mother-in-Law Units, and they are extra units built as Single room homes on the same property as an existing home. These are like having an additional home on the same property. ADUs come with a kitchen, living area, and entrance. Accessory Dwelling Units usually can be attached to the house or can be stand-alone unit detached from the home. The can help add value to the home but are great for when you have company over for holidays, family get-togethers and parties. ADUs are like having a second home.


One con is that they can be a bit pricy. They will take up some of the land or space that the house has depending if you make it a stand-alone or attached.

So if you are looking to add extra living space to the home both are great options, it just depends on what important to you. These are only a few of the pros vs. cons of each that we thought were important to consider. For more tips or to schedule a free consultation for a remodel or any home renovation, visit us at

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