The Showdown Walk-in Tub Vs. Walk-in Shower

The Showdown Walk-in Tub Vs. Walk-in Shower

The Showdown Walk-in Tub Vs. Walk-in Shower

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The Showdown Walk-in Tub Vs. Walk-in Shower
To continue our series of the showdown this week, we will be putting walk-in showers against walk-in
tubs. The same rules apply to this showdown as all the rest in our series there will be no winner we will
just give you facts that will help make your decisions easier.

First up Walk-in tub Pros
A tub is the most noticeable thing when walking into a bathroom, so a beautiful tub can really standout.
A bathtub usually comes standard in homes, and often times don't need replacing. Tubs can make it
easy to give the little ones a bath. They are also useful for relaxing when you come home from work and
have had a stressful day; there is nothing better than laying in the tub and relaxing with or without
bubbles or bath bombs. A tub could be pretty easy to clean.

The cons to a bathtub are that they take up too much space in the bathroom and can make the room
seem small. Another downfall to a tub is that they are not often used to take baths, so it defeats the
purpose of having the tub.

Next up the Walk-in shower Pros
A shower can make the bathroom seem more prominent because they do not take up as much space a
tub. A shower could standout because most homes do not have just a shower which could be appealing
if you choose to sell the house. A shower will also serve its purpose and be used as intended.

Some of the cons of having a shower are that it's not as easy to give the kids a bath if you have kids. A
shower could also be time-consuming to clean because you have to clean the shower walls to make sure
you do not get water spots and so it could stay looking beautiful. Another downfall is that if you have a
stressful day, you can just get home and draw a bath to relax.

So if you are looking to change the bathtub in your home both options are great, it just depends on what
important to you. These are only a few of the pros vs. cons that we thought were important to consider.
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