The Showdown Wood Flooring Vs. Wood Laminate

The Showdown Wood Flooring Vs. Wood Laminate

The Showdown Wood Flooring Vs. Wood Laminate

This week showdown, we are putting wood flooring against wood laminate. The same rules apply there
will be no winner just facts to help make your decision easier.

We will start the showdown with Wood Flooring:

Wood flooring is made of 100 percent wood, so it really stands out in any home. This look is second to
none. It is easy to clean, but you need to be careful not to scratch the wood. When cleaning the wood,
you can use most wood cleaners.
It scratches easily, so a plastic mop is the best type of mop to use. The wood expanse in the heat and
can cause the wood to warp. Wood flooring is on the more expensive side because of the beautiful look.

Next up will be Wood Laminate.
Wood laminate looks just like real wood, but it is not wood. The look while it looks great, and it's hard to
tell the difference there is one. Wood laminate will not easily scratch when mopped, so using a metal or
plastic mop does not matter. Wood laminate can expand and warp just like wood, but it does not
happen as often, and when it does, it is more subtle. The price for laminate is not that expensive, so if
you want a close to wood look without the cost, that is the way to go.

The cons for wood laminate is that it is not real wood, so the look is close to the original, but it is not.
When cleaning the laminate, the chemicals used she be considered, so it does not damage the laminate.
They are just snapped together when they are installed so they can come apart in time.
So if you are looking to change the flooring in your home both options are great, it just depends on what
important to you.


These are only a few of the pros vs. cons of each that we thought were important to
consider. For more tips or to schedule a free consultation for a remodel or any home renovation, chat with us now! we are 24/7!

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