The Ultimate Flooring – Luxury Vinyl Plank 

The Ultimate Flooring – Luxury Vinyl Plank 

The Ultimate Flooring – Luxury Vinyl Plank 

vinyl flooring contractorWhether you’re remodeling your existing home or building a new one, you’d probably want your flooring durable, cost-friendly and complementing your home. Luxury vinyl plank is the ultimate choice, as you get the look and feel of hardwood – any type you like, and it comes in a wide selection of textures and shades.

Unlike laminate flooring which is not totally waterproof, therefore not recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, luxury vinyl is completely waterproof thus can be used in any room, and that includes kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Kitchen: Practically speaking, luxury vinyl flooring is high-traffic resistant. Unlike hardwood and tile floors, luxury vinyl does not require careful care and maintenance (and expense!). It’s totally waterproof, so spills or drops won’t cause damage. And it’s completely scratches and dents resistant!

Bathroom: Bathroom flooring has to be water and moisture resistant AND to be visually appealing, especially in a master bathroom. Luxury vinyl flooring can easily create a sleek look while offering the required “protection” in bathrooms as well.

Laundry Room: This room requires extra attention when it comes to picking the right flooring because of all its potential damage causing sources, such as heavy appliances that might dent the floor, stains from bleach spills and mold growth due to water leaks.

Vinyl flooring is recommended as it’s moisture, stain and damage resistant. Since it also comes as tile, you can choose that option if you want to go for that look.

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Bedroom: Conventional bedroom flooring used to be carpets, as they’re soft and warmer on the feet. However, carpets tend to trap dust and hair and they could trigger allergies, so they must be cleaned and treated regularly. Hardwood flooring, though sleek-looking and not trapping dust, requires plenty of maintenance and can be pricey to install.

Here too, luxury vinyl is the perfect choice thanks to its looks and feel in the master bedroom as well as its durability in kids’ rooms (no scratches or damage).

So, when it’s time for you to buy a new home or remodel yours, you definitely want to consider Luxury Vinyl flooring contractor!

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