Why You Want (And Need…)  A Wet Room

Why You Want (And Need…)  A Wet Room

Why You Want (And Need…)  A Wet Room

wet bathroomWet Room Bathrooms are one of today’s hottest trends in modern home design. Unlike traditional bathrooms, this design option features an open layout with fully waterproofed surfaces, eliminating the need for a conventional shower threshold or enclosure. There are plenty of advantages to having a wet room – aesthetic, functional and monetary.

Having a wet room in your home ensures your space will be more usable to everyone. With no threshold or shower door, a wet room is ideal for people with limited mobility, such as elderly or disabled individuals. It’s also easier for young children to maneuver in an open shower space.

The wet room layout naturally creates the illusion of more space in the bathroom, which is even a greater option for bathrooms with little square footage. When it comes to fixtures, there are several options but in any case, without a bulky shower enclosure, you have much more space and a seamless view through it.  wet bath room

Wet Room bathrooms are much easier to maintain than traditional ones, as one of the toughest cleaning jobs in most bathrooms is eliminated… Yes, we’re talking about the shower enclosure! Nor are there any doors or thresholds to maintain, which makes the cleaning job much easier. A wet room is waterproof thus less susceptible to leaks and water damage issues.

And let’s not forget about the look. Wet rooms have this contemporary, stylish look and feel, which set them apart from any other type of bathroom. A variety of materials can be used to create a luxurious and trendy space that complements both you and your home.

bathroom replaceWet rooms offer greater accessibility, maximized space, easier maintenance, less water damage issues and a luxurious, modern look – All of which translates to added value to your property in today’s marketplace.

Did we get your attention? Want to have your very own wet room? Call us today for your free consultation!

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