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Feb 8, 2023

All You Need To Know About Converting Your Garage

Garage conversion

Converting a garage gives you freedom to design the space the way you want it. It gives you more living space,without the hassle of moving or going for a home extension. Also, it’s
creating additional living space which will NOT affect tax bands. Here are some technical and design considerations you’ll need to know, before starting your project.

Garage conversion

Garages’ internal space tends to be longer and thinner than home rooms’, so you might consider converting the space into two rooms rather than one. In most cases, Planning permission isn’t necessary if you aren’t altering the architecture of the property. There are some exceptions though, that you might want to check in advance.
Conversion Insurance is good to have, to cover both the renovation and the preexisting structure. The insurance will also cover materials, tools and equipment, as well as public and employer’s liability.

Changing the use of a garage into a habitable space requires adherence to all building regulations and complete compliance with:Damp and moisture proofing; Fireproofing; Escape routes; Ventilation; Insulation; and Structural integrity considerations. There are also Design considerations to be taken into account. Dividing the garage into separate sections means creating a new room. All modifications will be required to pass structural and foundation regulations.

Garage conversion

Flooring, Walls, Plumbing & Wiring have to be addressed. If the walls are an extension of the house, they should meet regulations quite easily. Otherwise, a stud wall inside the current exterior wall may be required, to run power and water lines, and for a layer of insulation. You might want to consider replacing your current doors with Insulated Garage Doors. This way you are not changing the exterior of the garage and you’re adding another layer of insulation. Also, if at some point you need to revert the space back to a garage, the option is still available.

If you’re seriously thinking about converting your garage, for all the good reasons, please contact us for a free consultation.

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