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Apr 19, 2024

How Much is a Laundry Room Addition?

How Much Does a Laundry Room Addition Cost

The cost of adding a laundry room to your home can vary depending on factors such as the size of the room, location within the house, desired features, and any necessary plumbing or electrical work. On average, homeowners can expect to spend between $5,000 to $10,000 for a basic laundry room addition. However, costs can be higher if significant renovations or structural changes are required. It’s advisable to consult with contractors or designers to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Laundry Room Addition

1. Size of the Laundry Room

The size of the laundry room is a significant factor that determines the cost of the addition. A larger laundry room will require more materials, more labor, and potentially more complex electrical and plumbing work. Therefore, the price will increase as the laundry room size increases.

2. Quality of Materials and Appliances

The quality of materials and appliances used in the laundry room will also impact the overall cost. High-end materials and energy-efficient appliances will generally be more expensive than their lower-quality counterparts. However, investing in quality materials and appliances can increase the longevity and functionality of your laundry room.

3. Complexity of Electrical and Plumbing Work

The complexity of electrical and plumbing work required for the laundry room addition will affect the cost. If existing electrical and plumbing infrastructure needs to be modified or new installations are necessary, it will add to the overall expense. Complex electrical and plumbing work may require licensed professionals’ services, which can also contribute to the cost.

4. Customization and Additional Features

Customization and additional features can significantly impact the cost of a laundry room addition. Adding custom cabinetry, countertops, or built-in storage solutions will require additional materials and can increase the cost. Likewise, incorporating features like a utility sink, a folding station, or a drying rack will add to the overall expense.

5. Location and Accessibility of the Laundry Room

The location and accessibility of the laundry room within your home can also affect the cost. If the laundry room addition requires extensive modifications to the existing layout or challenges in accessing the space, it may result in additional labor costs. Factors such as the proximity of plumbing connections, venting, and electrical connections can impact the overall expense.

Cost Breakdown of a Laundry Room Addition

1. Design and Planning Costs

Design and planning are essential steps before starting the construction of a laundry room addition. Hiring a professional designer or architect can help you create a functional and aesthetically pleasing laundry room. The cost of design and planning services can vary depending on the project’s complexity and the professionals’ expertise.

2. Materials and Appliances

The cost of materials and appliances will depend on the quality and brand you choose. It is essential to select materials and appliances that suit your budget without compromising on durability and functionality. Comparing prices from different suppliers and considering cost-effective options can help you stay within your desired budget.

3. Construction Labor

The cost of construction labor will depend on factors such as the laundry room size, the scope of work involved, and the project’s complexity. Hiring experienced and reputable contractors will ensure quality workmanship, but it may come at a higher cost. Obtaining multiple quotes and comparing them can help you balance cost and quality.

4. Electrical and Plumbing Work

If electrical and plumbing work is required for the laundry room addition, it will add to the overall cost. The complexity of the work and the need for permits and inspections can influence the expenses in this area. Hiring licensed professionals for electrical and plumbing tasks is crucial to ensure compliance with building codes and safety standards.

Additional Features and Customization

Permits and Inspections

Obtaining permits and scheduling inspections is essential to any renovation or addition project. The cost of permits will vary depending on your location and the extent of the laundry room addition. It is necessary to factor in these costs when budgeting for your project.

Unexpected Expenses

When undertaking a construction project, setting aside a contingency fund for unexpected expenses is wise. Unforeseen issues, such as hidden structural problems or additional work required during construction, can arise, leading to extra costs. A contingency fund will provide financial flexibility and help you navigate unexpected expenses.

Ways to Save Money on a Laundry Room Addition

1. Utilize Existing Plumbing and Electrical Infrastructure

To save on electrical and plumbing work costs, consider utilizing existing infrastructure whenever possible. Positioning the laundry room near existing plumbing and electrical connections can help reduce the need for extensive modifications or installations.

2. Choose Cost-Effective Materials and Appliances

Selecting cost-effective materials and appliances can help you stay within your budget. Researching and comparing prices from different suppliers can help you get the best value for your money. Consider options that offer a balance between affordability and quality.

3. DIY vs. Hiring Professionals

Depending on your skill level and the project’s complexity, you may consider undertaking some tasks yourself. However, it is essential to know your limitations and hire professionals for tasks that require expertise, such as electrical and plumbing work. DIY projects can save money, but it is crucial to weigh the cost savings against potential risks and the quality of the final result.

4. Proper Project Planning and Research

Thorough project planning and research can help avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary expenses. Understand the scope of work, create a detailed budget, and gather information about the materials, appliances, and contractors you plan to use. Taking the time to plan and research will help you make informed decisions and stick to your budget.

5. Compare Multiple Quotes

When hiring contractors or purchasing materials, it is advisable to obtain multiple quotes. Comparing quotes will help you find the best price and give you insights into the services and products offered by different suppliers and contractors. This can help you make an informed decision and ensure you get the best value for your money.


A laundry room addition can be a valuable investment in your home, providing convenience and functionality. The cost of a laundry room addition can vary depending on factors such as the size of the room, the quality of materials and appliances, the complexity of electrical and plumbing work, customization, additional features, and the location and accessibility of the laundry room. By understanding these factors and considering ways to save money, you can successfully plan and budget for your laundry room addition project.

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