Create an Outdoor Space You Love!

Create an Outdoor Space You Love!

Create an Outdoor Space You Love!

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If you live in the city and have an outdoor space such as backyard, rooftop or terrace, where you want to create a lounging space, here are some things to consider:

1. Decide ahead of time what will be the primary use for the space, and also have your priorities clear. Is it unctionality or decor that you wanna go for? Are kids going to be using that space too?

2. Remember that, while well-planned deck or garden can greatly increase the value of a property, you don’t want to get into a “bottomless pit” and still need to work with a budget.

3. Always have a plan B for the materials you wanted, and be flexible and creative as to coming up with options to accommodate your budget that would still fit your style and vision.

4. Plants are a must, not only in terms of ambience, but they’re also highly functional: If you’re looking for a sense of privacy, consider using tall plants or building a tall cedar fence.
Keep in mind that the plants of your choice must be suitable to your space in terms of growing conditions such as sun, moisture, and exposure to wind.
Tip: Go for plants that thrive in sun or shade and have nice foliage you can enjoy year-round. Also, some plants need less watering than others and will be a lot easier to care for.

5. Last, but not least: make sure that you find an experienced team. Your general contractor should have an in-depth understanding of how bulk water will be handled and how your neighbors will be impacted by your project. If your space is located on a roof, points such as drainage and excess water need to be addressed. Your general contractor should also have all necessary approvals, such as special regulations applying to landmarked buildings.  


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